Instructions for using the LPC Configurator Program

* Please make sure that macros are enabled. When the program opens, you should receive a message stating "Security Warning  Macros have been disabled." Click "Options..." and select “Enable this content”. If you do not receive the message automatically, please follow the instructions to enable Macros for Excel 2007 or Excel 2010.

Configurator tab:

Under “UPS Selection”, make your size and option selections. Click the down arrow next to each configurable cell to select from a list. If a red X appears next to a cell, this indicates that cell does not contain a valid option and needs to be changed. 

Any time you would like to start over, click the “Clear Form” button to erase all selections.

Once all selections have been made the UPS part number and list price will be displayed.

Below the UPS part number and list price, you can select additional accessories you would like under the “External Accessories” section. Once you have made your selections the part number and list price will be displayed.

Quote Sheet tab:

After you have made your selections on the Configurator tab, select the Quote Sheet tab. All of the information you have entered on the Configurator tab has been summarized in a printable format that can be e-mailed for convenience. 

The default quantity for each item is one(1). If more are needed, the quantity can be changed at this time. 

Enter the ship to information and list any freight ancillaries or special requests and click the “Email this Quote Request to Legacy Power Conversion” button in order to receive a freight quote, confirm lead times, verify pricing or if you have additional questions. 

If you would like to e-mail this quote to yourself or to another person; click the “Manually Email this quote” button.

::: Download Herytage Configuration and Quoting worksheet (.xlsm)

For questions or suggestions, please contact the Legacy Power Conversion Sales Department at