Herytage (2kVA-20kVA)

Relying on historically proven ferroresonant technology, the Herytage UPS offers highly customized protection that is ideally suited for your specific application. Select from a wide range of models, voltages, runtimes, line cords and receptacles to custom-configure the UPS you need. Legacy Power Conversion can build and ship your custom configuration in a matter of days!

Furthermore, Herytage UPSs provide constant power conditioning and optimal protection for your critical systems against damaging power failures, spikes, surges, sags, brownouts, overvoltages, frequency variations, transients, harmonic distortion, noise and lightning.

  • Protects equipment with highly reliable ferroresonant technology
  • Saves battery life by regulating output for input voltages without using the battery
  • Prevents load-generated harmonics from entering your electrical systems with bidirectional filtering
  • Supplies pure, regulated power maintained within +/-3.0 percent at all times to protect connected electronic equipment
  • Operates at higher efficiency to save operating costs
  • Helps users troubleshoot power problems by recording and logging all power anomalies
As a convenient tool for our customers, we are offering this Excel 2007/2010   Herytage Configuration and Quoting worksheet (.xlsm)

* Instructions for using the LPC Configurator Program

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