Lineage (800VA-3000VA)

Available in a variety of footprints to best suit your applications, the Lineage Series of UPSs deliver reliable, pure sine-wave protection ideal for network computing equipment. These highly reliable UPSs safeguard connected equipment against harmful outages, surges, sags, undervoltages and overvoltages and offer RJ11/RJ45 network/phone/fax/modem protection.

  • Tower models available from 800-1500VA; 2-in-1 tower/rack models available in 2200VA and 3000VA
  • Preserves battery service life through microprocessor-based digital technology
  • Delivers clean, consistent regulated power and protects against undervoltages and overvoltages without draining the battery
  • Safeguards fax machines, modems and other equipment against "backdoor" spikes and surges
  • Simplifies and reduces cost of service with hot-swappable batteries
  • Included SeeUPS2020 Plus software simplifies power management and provides automatic shutdown


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LI1100 comment: "The Boost/Buck works well, and switching to battery is smooth with a clean sine wave output. Battery replacement should also be a snap. I like it." - Michael Bowden, Circuitworks