Power Conditioners (140VA - 75kVA)

LineTamer® power conditioners protect computers, telecommunications equipment and other sensitive electronic devices from the damage and disruptions caused by transients, surges and overvoltages, sags and undervoltages, harmonic distortion, and electrical noise.

  • CLC series 120 volt plug-in models from 200VA to 3.1kVA
  • CLT series hardwired models from 140VA to 75kVA
  • Noise (RF) Isolation of 120 db Common Mode and 60 db Normal Mode
  • Passes ANSI-IEEE C62.41, categories A & B for lightning and surge protection
  • Supplies pure, regulated power maintained within ± 3 percent at all times to protect connected electronic equipment
  • Output waveform is sine wave with only 3% THD
  • Provides complete isolation from line with output neutral bonded to ground
  • Prevents load-generated harmonics from entering your electrical systems with bidirectional filtering
  • UL and CSA certified up to 15kVA
  • 3 year warranty


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