XGPRT Xtreme "Green" Performance Rack Tower HV Series UPS

The Xtreme "Green" Performance Rack Tower Series (XGPRT) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) eliminates physical form factor questions with the unique ability to tower-mount, rack-mount and wall-mount, all in a small "2U" form factor. A User can feel confident these UPS will fit virtually anywhere in their network. The XGPRT Series is comprised of three models: 1500VA, 2000VA and 3000VA, providing network grade power via a highly-efficient hybrid technology. A three year electronics warranty provides "peace of mind" that reliability has been engineered into the product line. The XGPRT Series UPS is the perfect choice for critical business servers, point of sale equipment, telephony and data networks.

  • On-Line Technology
    Ensures compatibility with all connected equipment
  • High Efficiency
    Operates at 98% efficiency - the "greenest" UPS in the market
  • Space Maximization
    All units only require 2U of rack space
  • Enterprise Grade LCD
    More monitoring & precise information
  • Scalable Runtime
    Add battery packs as runtime requirements change
  • Web/SNMP optional
    Reliable communication & control
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) Switch
    Compliance with the highest application safety standards
  • Load Shedding Capabilities
    Maximize "uptime" for critical loads & equipment
  • Low Noise & Less Power Consumption
    "Smart Fan" speed control


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